Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hi Tech Speed Trap In Bluff City, Tn

Bluff City, Tennessee is nestled in the beautiful mountains and lakes of East Tennessee.  It is near the Bristol Speedway.  All this brings in thousands of tourist.  They have elected to set-up an electronic speed trap on a four lane road.  The speed goes from a reasonable 55 mph to 45 and then they record you speed, take your picture with a read-out on the license plate and send you a bill.  My ticket was for doing 57 mph in a 45 zone and it cost me $50.  I paid it, but I think they should change their name to Gotcha City or maybe even Sh~t City.

Click here to see my ticket.

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  1. I just got mine too. I dont recall ever seeing a 4-lane highway like that, drop to 45 mph for 1,000 feet and go back up to 55 at the other end. Obviously to make money. Shame.