Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a long way from Jenkins, Ky to 5,000 feet over New York City

This is Dick's Memoir..  Written from memory, with pictures.  Click here
Part 2 of Dick's Memoir.  Click here for part 2.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hi Tech Speed Trap In Bluff City, Tn

Bluff City, Tennessee is nestled in the beautiful mountains and lakes of East Tennessee.  It is near the Bristol Speedway.  All this brings in thousands of tourist.  They have elected to set-up an electronic speed trap on a four lane road.  The speed goes from a reasonable 55 mph to 45 and then they record you speed, take your picture with a read-out on the license plate and send you a bill.  My ticket was for doing 57 mph in a 45 zone and it cost me $50.  I paid it, but I think they should change their name to Gotcha City or maybe even Sh~t City.

Click here to see my ticket.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin Cartoon

I designed this cartoon and I have 6 dozen T-shirts ready to go.  It is a 'silk screen' application and can be applied to towels, napkins, banners, etc.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Return of the Space Aliens - "We Come in Peace to Save Planet Earth"

Space people from the planet Phaedra come back to Earth after thousands of years.  They have a plan to breed-out the greed from the human population.  The plans for the Fux Capacitor electric generator are stolen and taken back to Earth.  Click here to read the story

Saturday, February 26, 2011

'A Way Yonder' - A novel by Dick Blizzard

My new ebook is now available on Amazon ($5.99).  It is in the Kindle format, but you don't necessarily need a Kindle to read it - just download the Kindle App into your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices.

Book synopsis:  Charles is awaiting the gallows; convicted of murder.  The murdered man's widow falsely testifies that she saw Charles' 11 year old sister kill her husband.  The judge believes the old lady because her husband had indeed raped the little girl.  The court releases Charles and Mandy on the condition the children leave Ireland immediately.  The ensuing journey to America is filled with intrigue, romance, humor and conflict.

'A Way Yonder' is fiction, but it was inspired by accounts passed down though my mother and her family.  Sketchy documentation is available. 

I visit Charles' grave in the mountains of Southwest Virginia every summer.  Charles Hibbitts was my great, great grandfather. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Publisher wants me to promote this book to the movie makers in Hollywood

An Eruption of Decadence
Tommy is in awe of the navy pilots during the great world war, but he is young and he must be content with holding down the home front.  Near the end of the war, Tommy is almost 17.  He is seduced by Grace, a lonely housewife.
After the war, Tommy joins the Navy as an Aviation Cadet, but he is involved in a serious plane crash that ends his dream of become a Naval Aviator.  He returns home and falls into a life of coal mining, moonshining, money, murder and greed.
Tommy has a wife and child, but he can never forget his first love.  Grace is ruthless and ambitions.  She uses her beauty and charm to achieve great wealth and recognition.  In the end she is left all alone with her money and her fame.

The book is available as a paperback or an ebook from or and other online book sellers.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buying A Boat? Read This First.

I've learned a lot about the crappy side of boats in my forty years of boating,  Stuff you don't want to learn the hard way!  Boats are a constant problem, but pictured above is a boat that gave us some of the most wonderful years of our life..Her name was "Cumberland".  Click here